Hudy Slot Tire Truer For 1/8 And 3/32 Axles

  • Our Price: $244.00

  • This tire truer is intended for use with slot car wheels that have 1/8" and 3/32" Axles. The parts are produced on computer controlled CNC machines to highly accurate specs from high-tech alloys. After assembly, every single truer is individually tested under extreme race conditions, and undergoes rigorous, quality control inspection by specially-trained technicians. 100% reliability and unsurpassed quality. That's why there are Hudy tire truers in every slot racers pit box.

    • Adjustable grinding of tire diameter and angle
    • Adjustable tire width (using covered slicing needle)

    • Specially-designed and manufactured grinding drum for highest-quality grinding

    • Spindle shaft and wheel axle are ball-bearing supported to eliminate all vibrations during operation

    • Installed slave motor, switch box, and connection cable

    • Both wheel axles 1/8" + 3/32" included

    • New improved long-lifespan handy carrying case


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