DiFalco E-Motion T.Q. Dragtroller w/Index

  • Our Price: $299.99

  • A controller for all classes and types of drag racing. Features an electronic choke with a 12 position switch for index and class racing where power must be changed to fit within an index.  These 12 closely spaced power levels are mated with a 3 position range switch used to select low, medium or high range for a total of 36 power levels. We use wiper bands to gradually apply power for a smoother take off with less glue as oposed to an instant on setup with microswitches.

    To better control take off power this DD430 controller has independent sensitivity and electronic choke power adjustments. Controllers that use micro switches mean you have the same power as soon as you pull the trigger until the end of the run. The DD430 controller allows you to set the power applied on the bands for a hard or soft take off depending on your conditions and your motor. As soon as the last band is reached the controller will drop down to one of the 36 different power levels you have pre-selected! All the design features of the DD425 controller are in this new DD430.

  • Model number: DD430


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