B&E Silver Back 1:24 Scale SLOT CAR RACING CHASSIS

  • Our Price: $49.95

  • B&E Silver Back Brass Hardbody Chassis
    3/32 front axle, and 3/16" rear bushing holes  .040 thick high quality brass.
    Designed primarily for hardbody racing with 1" diameter tires. The rear bushing and front axle holes are set at a proper elevation. 4-1/2" and 4-3/8" wheelbase model car bodies work.
    Improvements include:
    Gusset pattern at the back end to help keep it straight in the hard impacts.
    Lowered motor mount holes to get the motor sitting just right.
    Additional slots to make it easier to cut the chassis down for narrow body styles.
    Larger holes for the lead wire retainer.
    Additional front axle hole to allow 4.25 wheelbase as well as 4.375 and 4.5.
  • Model number: #BE006


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