Carsteen CS-2 Slot Car Controller

  • Our Price: $459.00

  • The Carsteen CS-2 Slot Car controller designed for HO, 1/32, and 1/24 racing

    Continuously adjustable sensitivity for everything from HO to Wing Cars.
    Can run any class of slot car
    20 steps, all steps, including the first, of equal size independent of the load.
    Max 200A continuos current, 700A peak, 600W semiconductors.
    Output impedance less than 0.010 Ohms. Continuously adjustable choke from 0-2V (0-30’)
    Continuously adjustable brake from 0.1 to more than 10 Ohms. Max brake current 60A peak, 2A continuously. Brake power handling: 100W.
    Protected against faulty hook-up with automatic re-useable fuse.
    Regulated fan cooling ensures safe temperatures even with full choke on Eurosport and wing cars.
     Parma Handle & Trigger
  • Model number: cs-2

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